The Well-Stocked Kitchen

A 5-step guide on how to healthfully stock your kitchen | taught by Vanessa Perrone Dt.P., M.Sc.
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Vanessa Perrone Dt.P., M.Sc.
Vanessa Perrone Dt.P., M.Sc.
Diététiste-Nutritionniste, Motive Nutrition

About the instructor

Vanessa Perrone est une diététiste  passionnée par les bons aliments. Elle a crée ce guide à titre d'outil de base vers un mode de vie sain. Parce que la santé, ça commence dans la cuisine.

 The Well-Stocked Kitchen 

A five-step guide on how to healthfully stock your kitchen


This guide is meant to serve as the first, foundational step on your journey to health. The fact is, our environment strongly affects our habits. We eat what we see and we see what we bring into our homes. The Well-Stocked Kitchen aims to make you an architect of health, by allowing you to create the eating environment you need to support your health goals.

What you'll learn:

The Well-Stocked Kitchen is a virtual guide that walks you through the five steps of creating a healthful kitchen:

Step 1 Make space: Learn how to clear the clutter in your kitchen to make space for nourishing foods.

Step 2 Get organized: Learn how to organize your fridge, pantry, freezer and kitchen cabinets to make cooking more efficient and to make healthy choices easy and obvious.

Step 3 Stock well: Learn which foods to stock in your kitchen along with reasons why they are important for health. Tips on choosing good products are also described in this section.

Step 4 Shop mindfully: This step teaches you all about how to select foods at the grocery store, including how to read ingredient lists and what common labels mean.

Step 5 Take care: This final step walks you through the daily, weekly and monthly practices to keep your kitchen in good health.

What's included:

The Well-Stocked Guide: A 70-page pdf guide that walks you through the five steps of a well-stocked kitchen.

The Well-Stocked shopping tool ( + favourite products) A  list of grocery essentials and a list of favourite products and brand recommendations (updated regularly).

Videos: A video tour of my fridge, pantry and freezer.

BONUS videos: a grocery video tour and lesson on how to read a food label.


This is an entirely virtual program. Due to the nature of digital products, we will be unable to provide any refunds. Please visit our terms and conditions page.

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